Improved Profile Merging

On Sept. 8, 2016, we are improving the data transfer when user profiles are merged so that two profiles with a rich history of engagement will combine to create a better single view of the user.

User profiles are central to automation and personalization within Sailthru. Yet email addresses are not always static. A user may change their email, or engage your brand with multiple email addresses. When such a user profile change is made (for example, the user updating their email address to that of an existing profile), a merge is initiated.

The current merge process maintains all attributes of the profile being modified, and will combine both profiles’:

  • List memberships and signup times for those lists
  • Custom var data
  • Purchase history

The merge also keeps the most restrictive opt-out status so you can always respect the user’s wishes.

Starting this Thursday, Sailthru will also merge together all the data that helps power our Audience Builder, Personalized Send Time feature, geolocation capabilities and more. Now, the resulting profile will also reflect the following data points from both profiles :

  • Signup date
  • Geolocation data
  • Timeseries data for:
    • Sends
    • Opens
    • Clicks
    • Pageviews
    • Interest tag weightings
    • Mobile device and app usage
    • Browser usage

This improvement will not have any effect for users who simply change their email address. However, for a user you identify with multiple email addresses, it means their user data will merge into a better single profile.