Horizon-Spidered Content Default Date Change & GET List API Addition

Horizon-Spidered Content Default Date Behavior

On Monday (6/8/2015) at 1:30 p.m. EST, we will make a change to the default date evaluation behavior for our Horizon spider when it reads your content. This affects the “date” meta tag crawled by Horizon. This date designates the age of your content, which is then evaluated by features such as Horizon Content Feeds, Scout and Concierge.

This change will only affect your content if you do not explicitly give a timezone with the “date” tag’s value. Currently, we evaluate the date based on current Eastern Standard Time. With Monday’s change, we will begin evaluating based on the timezone of your account. This will only affect new spidered content; no retroactive content changes will be made. No changes are being made to the recommendation engine.

Most implementations will not see any effects from this change, as the time zone disparity is not substantial. Again, this only affects your account if your meta tags do not explicitly list a timezone in the date value and your account timezone is different than Eastern Standard Time.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sailthru Support.

GET List API addition

You can currently obtain the names of all the lists in your account using the GET mode of List API, simply by omitting the “list” parameter. Beginning today, the return will now also include the list “type” for each list referenced.