Strategic Best Practices for Email and Mobile

We know you’ve likely begun preparing your holiday campaigns and are looking to Q4 to help alleviate and course-correct your year after the effects of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders. As peak holiday shopping is reinvented and spread out over the next few months, we want you to make sure you’ve got strategic and tactical best practices in place to be prepared and get the most out of this year.

General Tips

  • Talk to your Customer Success Manager

    If you’re planning on sending a greater than normal volume of messages during the holiday season, sending to larger lists than usual, or are doing anything else that’s different from your normal sends, talk to your Customer Success Manager. They can help you plan and make full use of Sailthru’s features.  

  • Test your templates
    Use the Email Client Test tool to ensure your messaging displays correctly no matter the email client. 
  • Jobs and Queries
    Run any important jobs, such as list and promo code imports, in advance. Avoid running Snapshot and Audience Builder queries during peak times, such as on Cyber Monday. 
  • Lists
    Use Natural Lists wherever possible. Using a Natural List means that your messaging should send faster than if you were using a Smart List, since Natural Lists are static and don’t need to update before a send. 
  • Promo Codes
    Remember to load your promo codes early. The week before the Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to do this. Avoid loading promo codes at peak times. 

Increased Site Traffic

During the holiday season, plan for more users visiting your site. The 2019 Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, including Cyber Monday, broke sales records. With Amazon Prime Day and holiday deals beginning as early as October, 2020 is set to be just as busy.

  • Increased traffic is a great opportunity to test your messaging. Make sure your site is ready. 
  • Use throttling rules for email and mobile to account for an extremely popular campaign. This will help you avoid unplanned site downtime. 
  • If anything happens, Sailthru will have extra support on staff during this time. 


When you redesign or create new messaging templates for the holiday season, test them before a big send. 

Create a plan for testing your holiday messaging. Consider the following:

  • Cadence: How long to wait between messages?
  • Frequency: How often should you send?
  • Messaging 
    • What do you want to tell the user?
    • Test different versions of welcome messages for new users.
    • Test cart abandonment to recapture revenue. 
  • Audience: Who should you be sending to?
  • Layout: How should you present your messaging?
  • Landing Page: Do you wish to use a message-specific landing page? 
  • Incentives: Should you offer something in exchange for a purchase? Or test discounts and incentives to see what drives purchases?
  • Personalization: Should you individualize your messaging?

Some other testing options to consider through Sailthru:

Holiday Specific Messaging and Specials

Use holiday-specific messaging and imagery for your messaging through the season. Asking users what they’re interested in early can help you deliver targeted messaging.  

  • Kick off your sales and specials early so your messaging won’t get lost in customer’s inboxes. 
  • Use email-triggered messages on your website (requires Overlays)
    If you include any kind of special announcement or promotion in your messaging, you can ensure the same messaging follows the user when they click into the email and browse on your site. 
  • Customize welcome series to highlight any holiday events you’re running. 

Winback Campaigns

If you have customers who purchased last holiday season and then disengaged, a winback campaign may help bring them back. 

  • To prevent deliverability issues, bring these users back in small batches. 
  • Use creative subject lines and acknowledge them as holiday shoppers.
  • Highlight gift guides and best selling holiday items.