Integration with Google Customer Match Audiences in AdWords

Using Sailthru’s new integration with Google’s AdWords Customer Match, you can now easily push lists of customers to Google, allowing you to intelligently retarget existing customers or acquire new customers.

By connecting your Google AdWords account to your Sailthru account, you can:

  • Push any Sailthru list to Google AdWords to create a Customer Match audience of users that exist across both platforms.
  • Retarget existing customers across YouTube, Gmail, and Search; for example:
    • Target existing customers at the time they’re predicted to make a purchase.
    • Retarget customers with tailored offers based on past browsing, purchases, or email behavior data
  • Acquire new customers using ‘Similar Audiences’ across YouTube and Gmail:
    • Base your Similar Audience on groups of existing, high-value customers to find prospects who are most likely to convert
    • Measure downstream value of customers acquired through acquisition campaigns with Sailthru’s Customer Lifetime Value predictions

For more information about the value this integration can provide your team, check out our data sheet.

To learn how to get started using it, head over to our documentation page.