Get campaign reporting with link query string parameters

Our new link rewriting functionality is much more efficient during the generation process, helping your sends reach the inbox even faster! Part of this is the result of a change to the way we save links.

For most users, query string parameters are appended to URLs for the use of on-site analytics platforms, like Google Analytics. You may also know these as “utms.” We always make sure these params are included in the URL the user is sent to in their browser from your campaign – that isn’t changing.

Some customers rely on query string parameters inside Sailthru campaign reporting. The new link functionality removes these params from the URL when saving the link to our reporting data store, allowing us to aggregate total clicks by the base URL. If you are a marketer who relies on these params to distinguish the same “base” link multiple times in your campaign, you’ll want to take advantage of a new setting: “Link Reporting Query Parameters.”

You can define account-wide query strings you want Sailthru to include inside your campaign link reporting – just add them to the new settings box, located at my.sailthru.com >> Settings >> Channels >> Email, or click here. You’ll find the setting shown below.

To summarize, if you use utms or other query string parameters inside your Sailthru reporting, in addition to on-site analytics platforms, you’ll want to add those query strings to the new setting field to ensure continued, proper reporting. If you wish to retain aggregate reporting for the same base link, there’s no action needed.

Note: Effective 5/25/17, duplicate query string names are allowed within links. (i.e. ?category=1&category=2). These links will not be counted, even if the query string name is listed in the safelist.