Filter Lifecycle Optimizer flow entries using event custom fields

You can now filter against the custom fields in an Event API call when deciding which users can begin a Lifecycle Optimizer flow.

This greatly enhances the flexibility and power of using Event API calls, allowing marketers to take action on any customer action they deem appropriate. We recently added the ability for our on-site JavaScript tag to make these event calls, too.

Similar to the way user profiles can store any data as custom fields (a.k.a. user vars), events can also contain an arbitrary set of data that you send with the event call as custom fields (a.k.a. event vars). You can now filter against this event custom field data in a flow entry. You’ll set Lifecycle Optimizer to listen for a certain event name and take action depending on the existence/value of custom fields.

Using Facebook Lead Ads? Establish sign-up flows from each of your Facebook Lead Ad campaigns by using the Facebook Ad ID as an event custom field.

Filtering flow entries based on Facebook Ad IDs

Ready to get going? Read the updated Facebook Lead Ads docs. Our Lifecycle Optimizer documentation is also updated, including our handy step glossary. You can also learn about Lifecycle Optimizer and all our great Sailthru features with our Sailthru Academy trainings.