Another popular request for Campaigns is released

End Your Paused Campaigns

Hard as you may try to avoid them, we know typos and mistakes sometimes sneak into your campaign messages. Our mailing system is pretty darn fast, but with “Personalized Send Time” campaigns or extremely large sends, you still have a chance to “pause” a campaign to make an edit. We also know sometimes you just need to interrupt a send and call the campaign complete before all the messages are out the door. To that end, we’ve made a small change to make those events easier on you.

If you pause a campaign and no longer wish to resume sending, you now have the ability to mark the campaign as completed or “finished” from a paused state. Previously, you were only able to resume the campaign or contact our Support team for assistance. This further empowers you to keep moving with your next steps when you need to abandon a campaign mid-send.

This is one of a series of changes dedicated to making your day-to-day use of the system more efficient and easy. Stay tuned for more releases centered around this goal!