Transactional Messages Overview

Transactional messages are sent in response to a user action or request. For example, sending a Welcome email when a user signs up for an account. A company may also send a transactional message as notice of important business changes, like updating the Terms of Service or a Privacy Policy.

Transactional messages inform or remind, and usually fall into one of these categories:

  • Registration – signing up for a site account or an email list
  • Notification – change to TOS, monthly statement
  • Confirmation – purchase receipts, shipping confirmation information

Generally, a Transactional message does not contain any type of marketing content, including:

  • Abandoned cart messages
  • Coupons or promotional codes
  • Messages that contain advertisements in addition to factual information. For example, adding a section that contains related items in a purchase receipt or shipping confirmation email.
  • For more specific guidelines on sending Transactional messages, consult your legal counsel and check the FTC FAQ.

    How to Mark a Template as Transactional

    For existing templates, from the classic HTML template editor:

    1. Locate the “Transactional” button in the main toolbar of all your HTML Templates.
    2. Clicking this button opens a display. Select the checkbox to apply the Transactional setting.
    3. Image of popup asking the user to make a template transactional and reminding the user that these emails must comply by privacy laws.

    4. You’ll see a pop-up window reminding you that the template must meet your local regulations and policies for a ‘transactional’ message.
    5. Save the template to confirm the changes. Your template is now a Transactional message.

    Contact Support or your Customer Success Representative to mark an email created in Email Composer as a Transactional.

    Receiving Transactional Messages

    Users who will receive Transactional messages:

    • Users with a Valid status (no opt-out status set)
    • Users with an Opt-out(Marketing) status

    Users who will not receive Transactional messages:

    • Users with an Opt-out(All) status