Transactionals Overview

Transactional messages are emails sent to a user in response to a specific action or criteria; typically an on-site action, such as a signup or purchase.

Common transactional email examples include:

  • Welcome emails when users register with your site or newsletter
  • Email newsletter double-opt-in (confirmation) requests
  • Password resets
  • Purchase receipts
  • Abandoned shopping cart item reminders
  • User-specific item alerts (such as product search/availability updates)

Transactionals are sent either by the Sailthru API or by a signup form. The API call or form settings will reference a template to use for the send. Your template can include any data from the recipient’s profile, such as their name.

In addition to the template, you can also specify some optional parameters, including:

  • A data feed – Include content from a feed, such as item information from your Content Library.
  • A time – By default, transactionals send right away, but you can also schedule them for a future time, if using the API.

Transactionals can also be sent as a result of user activity on a previous transactional. These are called triggers.

Before you begin, you’ll need:

  • A template for your transactional
  • An API call or signup form
    • For the API: Typically, the Send API is used, but a transactional can also send as a result of a Purchase API call.
    • For Signup Forms: Create a Sailthru hosted page or a Sailthru form that’s embedded on your site.

To get started, see Set Up a Transactional Message.