Abandoned Shopping Carts

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When a user places an item in the shopping cart but doesn’t complete the order, you can automatically send a reminder email using the purchase API.

You will need to make the purchase call whenever the user adds or removes a cart item, and when they complete final checkout. Each time they add or remove an item, submit the full array of current cart items (both old and new) and use the following parameters:

  • The reminder_time is set to the minimum time that you want to wait before sending a user a reminder that they have an item in their shopping cart.
  • The reminder_template is sent once the specified period of time has passed.

If the user makes a purchase before the scheduled send time of the reminder_template message, Sailthru will automatically unschedule the message and it will not be sent.

Similarly, when a user removes the last cart item without making a purchase, you can clear the incomplete purchase data and the reminder will not be sent.

Showing Cart Activity In Your Emails

You can also remind people about what’s currently in their cart via other emails that you are sending, such as daily sale emails.

The entire incomplete purchase is always stored in {profile.purchase_incomplete}.

  • For example, you could put a block like this at the top of your campaign email that includes items remaining in the user’s shopping cart:
{if profile.purchase_incomplete} 
<p>The following is currently in your cart:</p> 
   {foreach profile.purchase_incomplete.items as i} 
         {i.qty} {i.title} ${number(i.price/100,2)}<br/> 
<a>Complete Checkout</a> 

Only those users who have abandoned carts will get that special block of content.

If you wished to include an image of the product, you would have to pass the “vars” parameter. See purchase call for further information.

  • The purchase call would be made in the HTML of the template as:
<p>{foreach profile.purchase_incomplete.items as i}
<img src="{i.vars.image_url}" />{i.qty} {i.title} ${number(i.price/100,2)}
{/foreach} </p>

Clearing Incomplete Purchases from a User Profile

Should you need to clear a user’s incomplete purchase data from their profile, you can pass an incomplete purchase API call with an empty array of items.

For example:

{"email":"example@domain.com","items":[],"incomplete": 1}

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