Track Link Clicks in Sailthru and Google Analytics

Sailthru can track the number of people who click on your emails, which is very useful as a measure of user response to your emails. We recommend turning on link tracking; if link tracking is disabled, Sailthru cannot measure clicks.

To activate, simply make sure that the Link Tracking option is set to “Yes” in the Details tab of the template or campaign editor.

All links will automatically be rewritten to go to the Link Domain you have set on your Settings Page.

Note: In the case of account with multiple link domains, the link domain used to rewrite links is dynamically chosen per-link, based on the destination of the link.

For instance, links that point to a page on will rewritten with any available link subdomain sharing that domain (e.g. The reason for this is because cookies cannot be set cross-domain, and pageviews, interest data and campaign-specific purchases would not function.

For more information on setting up Sailthru’s link tracking, see the section on the Basics tab on the Build a Template page.

Google Analytics Integration

If you set Use Google Analytics? to “Yes”, then all links will add special utm parameters that will allow you to identify traffic coming from emails in Google Analytics. It is highly recommended to enable if you are using Google Analytics on your site.

  • A total of five parameters are automatically appended when you enable Google Analytics:
  • utm_campaign: will automatically be the name of the campaign as it appears in Sailthru.
  • utm_medium: will automatically be “email”.
  • utm_source: will automatically be “Sailthru”.
  • utm_term: will automatically be the name of the sending list as it appears in Sailthru.
  • utm_content: if you are sending an AB Split or AB Winner or Auto Winner Campaign, this utm parameter will be added to your links. For segment A, the value will be “A”, for B, “B” and “Final” for the Final version of the AB Winner/Auto Winner test.
  • If you’d like to override the default value of email for utm_medium or add new utm parameters to your links, then go to the Advance tab of your template/campaign. In the “Auto-Append Link Parameters” field write the new or current parameter with its respective value, such as utm_medium=MorningEmail
  • You can turn on this setting independent of the Link Tracking setting.

Note: Not all website UTM parameters work properly with Google Analytics. Please see Google’s help page for more information on Google Analytics.

Note: Links to hosted pages are not tracked and are not included in reporting.