Organize Templates Using Labels

From the main Templates page, add customized tags to your templates for easy organization and filtering.

Add and Apply a Tag

On the Template page, you’ll see three options: New Template, Add Tag, and Filter. Click the middle Tag button to add a tag.

70_01_08 Organize Templates Using Labels-Label button

Clicking Add Tag will open up a dialog window that lists all your existing tags and has a field for adding new tags. Type the tag name field and press Enter to submit. To remove a tag, click the X to the right of the tag name.

71_01_08 Organize Templates Using Labels-Adding a new label

To apply the tag to your templates, check the box to the left of the template name. Then, click the Add Tag icon and select the name of the tag you want to apply. You can add multiple tags to a single template or you can add a tag to multiple templates at one time. After applying the tag, the tag will appear next to the subject line under the Subject column.

72_01_08 Organize Templates Using Labels-Adding tag to Template

Filter Using a Tag

On the Template page, select the Filter button.

73_01_08 Organize Templates Using Labels-Filter button

Selecting the Filter button will open a dialog window that allows you to check off one or multiple tags to filter. The Templates page will filter to show you only the templates that have the selected tag applied.

74_01_08 Organize Templates Using Labels-Filter Dropdown

Uncheck the box in the Filter dropdown or click the Templates tab to refresh the page and return to a view of all templates.