Email Overview

Sailthru makes it easy to automate and send emails tailored to each user’s interests.

To get started, you will need one or more templates, which will serve as the base for your campaigns and transactional emails. Data feeds of your site’s content – including Content Feeds produced from your Content Library – can be used to automatically populate your email with the ideal content for each send. You can further edit campaign content using Recommendation Manager. Ad Targeter allows you to easily schedule and target in-email advertising.


Templates are the building blocks for both campaigns and transactional emails.

Campaigns (one-to-many communications) are used to send emails to large numbers of people. This is appropriate for marketing sends, newsletters, mass notifications, and many other uses. They can be set to recur, and automatically include new content each time. Content can also be personalized to each individual recipient’s interests.

Triggered messages are sent automatically to an individual based on that user’s actions or other circumstances. Examples include sending a purchase receipt or a password reset email.

Ad Targeter makes it easy to manage and schedule ads within email. Ad Targeter can be used to leverage your user data and Sailthru’s Personalization Engine to target users based on their interests and habits.

Use feeds to power your email or website with dynamic, personalized, and customizable content. A data feed can be used to automatically populate a template with content; for example, include all new and featured articles or products in your weekly newsletter. You can choose to personalize some or all content to each user’s interests, and use Recommendation Manager to adjust content and its positioning. Your data feed can be generated by your Sailthru Content Library or sourced from any external data feed you choose.

Deliverability is the art and science behind a campaign’s ability to successfully reach a user’s inbox. In this section, you can learn more about Sailthru’s Deliverability team and their services.