Deliverability Overview

Deliverability is a campaign’s ability to successfully reach a user’s inbox. Sailthru’s efforts to improve the deliverability of your campaigns can be described in three categories:

1Industry Standards
  • Hold clients to industry standards such as ISP’s acceptable usage policies as well as our stricter, Sailthru-specific ones. Clients not meeting our standards and unwilling to improve their practices will be refused service.
  • Guide clients to comply with email legislation such as¬†CAN-SPAM, CASL, and other global requirements.
  • Attend conferences and interact with representatives of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
2 Proactive Monitoring
  • Monitor all email sends and correspond proactively to clients when deliverability issues are identified.
  • Real time ISP block alerts.
  • 24/7 monitoring of important blacklists.
  • Use third-party data to see inbox placement and spam trap hits.
  • Monitor drops in delivery rates and open rates.
  • Utilize Sailthru-specific tools to maintain highly engaged lists.
3 Technical
  • Set up feedback loops with ISPs to record any users that mark mail as spam, which allows us to remove them from your list.
  • Ensure authentication of each sender using DKIM and DNS zone file.
  • Monitor and throttle email sends based on ISP SMTP response codes.
  • Optimize mail to send at the correct speeds/rates to ensure optimal delivery at each ISP and distribute traffic among hardware (i.e. load balancing).
  • Support suppression encryption file exchange for exporting data.

Now that you know how Sailthru improves deliverability for your campaigns, head to the next section to learn how you can improve deliverability.