Deliverability Overview

Deliverability is a campaign’s ability to successfully reach a user’s inbox. What does Sailthru do to improve deliverability of your campaigns? Three things, to be exact.

Industry Standards

  • Attends conferences and interacts with representatives of internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Holds clients to industry standards such as Can Spam, as well as our stricter, Sailthru-specific ones. Clients not meeting our standards and unwilling to improve their practices will be refused service.


  • Monitors sends
  • Interacts with ISPs to ensure high level deliverability
  • Watches real-time for ISP blocks
  • Uses third-party data to see inbox placement
  • Monitors drops in delivery rates and open rates
  • Corresponds proactively to clients when deliverability issue are identified
  • Utilizes Sailthru-specific tools to maintain highly engaged lists


  • Sets up feedback loops to record any users that mark mail as spam, which allows us to scrub them from the list
  • Ensures authentication of each sender using DKIM and DNS Zonefile
  • Monitors and throttles based on ISP SMTP response codes
  • Optimizes mail to send at the correct speeds/rates to ensure best delivery at each ISP
  • Corresponds with all major ISPs to achieve whitelist status.┬áThis flags senders as trusted senders, allowing them to send higher volumes of mail.
  • Utilizes advanced list-scrubbing and hygiene tools to spot suspect lists before they are ever sent
  • Distributes traffic amongst multiple hardware (i.e. load balances) and monitors traffic for maximized ISP
  • Supports suppression encryption file exchange

Now that you know how Sailthru improves deliverability for your campaigns, head to the next section to learn how you can improve deliverability.