The Campaign Lifecycle

The campaigns you create in Sailthru appear in the list on the Campaigns page. The menu on the left side of the page allows you to view your campaigns based on their send status.

Campaign Lifecycle 01

Below is a description of each campaign state view, listed in the left menu on the Campaigns page. For more information on campaigns, see the Campaigns Overview page.

See the documentation pages for Templates and Smart Strategies for more information.


Drafts are campaigns that have been created, but not yet scheduled. This is the first stage in the campaign lifecycle. Once a campaign has be created as a draft, you can edit the settings on Schedule page or click Schedule on the Confirmation Page to schedule the campaign. Scheduling options vary depending on campaign type. See the Campaign Overview page for more information.

On the Drafts page, there are three icons next Create New.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.39.20 PM

  • Click the Refresh icon to update your view of the campaign list.
  • Click the funnel icon to Filter the campaign list by List, Label or Type. Create labels for your campaign to make them easy to find via Filter. You can also exclude labels, making it easy to filter out any drafts or sent campaigns you don’t want to see in your list of campaigns.
  • Select one or more campaigns by clicking on their checkbox, then click the tag icon to add a label. You can select an existing label from the dropdown menu or create a new one using the text field on the right.
    Note: You can add labels to templates as well. Every time you apply the template to a new campaign, the label will be included to help you easily filter your list for campaigns all using the same Template.

Scheduled Campaigns

Scheduled campaigns have an immediate send time and are queued for Sending or have a certain time and date set for a future send time. On the Scheduled page, you’ll see all campaigns that are currently scheduled, but not yet sent.

The Title, Audience (list), Reach (list size) and Schedule information is shown for each campaign. You can sort the list of campaigns via the Scheduled column header.

campaign lifecycle - preview copy delete buttons

If you hover over the name of the campaign, you will see Unschedule in blue text. If you click Unschedule, you will be asked to confirm the unscheduling of the campaign before continuing.

You can click the icons on the right to Preview, Copy, or Delete.

Campaigns Currently Sending

Campaigns with a Sending status are in the process of sending. As on the Scheduled page, you’ll see the Title, Audience (list), Reach (list size) and Schedule information.

Campaigns Sending

If any suppression lists are being used, hover over the Audience column to display their names.

You’ll also see live data on the progress of your campaign and the option to click the Pause icon to pause the campaign. Once you’ve paused a campaign and made necessary changes, you can come back to the Sending tab and click the Play icon to resume sending.

You can sort the list of campaigns via the Started column header.

Sent Campaigns

Sent campaigns have completed sending. It is commonly used to check that your campaigns have completing sending and copy campaigns for reuse.

If you hover over the campaign row, you will see the icons on the right to View or Copy the campaign View or Copy Campaign. Once sent, you can not delete a campaign.

In addition to showing the campaign Title and Audience list name, you can see the campaign’s Stats (total recipients) as well as the Open and Click rates.

sent opened clicked

It is recommended that you view Campaign Reporting for full performance information.

Recurring Campaigns

Recurring Campaigns are campaigns that automatically build, then send on a set schedule. This page shows information for all running Recurring Campaigns, including the Title, Audience and repeating Schedule.


Note that Recurring campaigns that are not yet live are listed as Draft under the Scheduled header.

See the Recurring Campaigns page for more information on setting up and running this campaign type.