Email-Triggered Overlays Connect the Customer Journey with Email + Onsite

Clients with Onsite can now create an email-triggered overlay to “echo” campaign messaging onsite (including unique promo codes!) to increase conversion.  With this set up within the Overlays Editor and Campaign Workflow, users who click on any link within a campaign will see the appropriate overlay on your website.
Key use cases:
  • Commerce: Echo promotions onsite by configuring your email campaign with a promo code, and then user Zephyr in the triggered overlay to pull in the same promo code for that user.
    • Pro Tip: To include a unique promo code from your email campaign in the overlay, simply add the following Zephyr in your overlay text {page.STpromo}
  • Media / Publishing: Cross-promote newsletters by triggering a sign-up overlay onsite when a user clicks on any link from an existing newsletter

Trigger overlay from campaign click