Email Composer now creating smaller message sizes

Following an update on July 11, 2019, Email Composer is using a more efficient process to generate source HTML. This results in smaller email sizes, which can help reduce clipping inside of email clients.

Results will vary based on the elements used in a message, but testing showed an average of 15% decrease in size for messages.

All new Email Composer templates will use this new code generation. Existing templates should be resaved:

  • If you have an existing template in use for recurring campaigns, Campaign Builder “Build from Template”, Lifecycle Optimizer or the API: Open the template up in Email Composer, make an edit to the template and re-save the template.
  • If you copy prior campaigns, and that campaign was first an Email Composer template: Open the template in Email Composer, make an edit to the template, re-save the template AND load that template into a new campaign using “Build from Template”