Easier access to personalized campaign building

recommendation-manager-menu-column1Beginning this week, users of Recommendation Manager will have faster access to their most-accessed data feeds. We’re adding direct access to Recommendation Manager inside the Content menu in my.sailthru.com!

Clicking on the new menu item will take you directly to Recommendation Manager and display a searchable list of available feeds. This eliminates additional clicks to get started with recommendation/data feed editing.

Existing users of Recommendation Manager will also see an additional submenu giving direct access to the five most-accessed feeds inside of Recommendation Manager. Clicking the feed names will take you directly to Recommendation Manager and automatically open the feed for you! You no longer have to click Content > Data Feeds > Feed Name to start the campaign-building process in Recommendation Manager! It’s only one click away.

recommendation-manager-menu-2Currently, these top feeds are specific to each user and their respective machine/browser history. Additional features to help organize this menu are forthcoming, but for now you can reset the count of the feeds by removing browser history/clearing your cache for my.sailthru.com.

If you’re not familiar with Recommendation Manager, now’s a great time to check it out! Recommendation Manager’s pinning function allows a marketer to override the Sailthru Personalization Engine in a campaign to manually curate content. With the right template, this means you can manually lock specific products or stories to positions in your email template – like the top spot or “hero image.” You can leave the rest of the message content to the choice of our Personalization Engine, and you’ve got the magic of an automated, user-tailored email combined with hand-picked content across millions of messages at once!

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