Personalization Engine Functions

These functions are used to personalize an email based on a user’s location, interests, activity level, and more. In general, they return a floating-point number, so they are particularly useful when combined with the {select} control structure, which lets you pick between pieces of content based on the maximum of several values.


Returns the Personalization Engine interest score for a tag or set of tags. You can combine with {select} to do a dynamic subject line:

    {case horizon_interest('indie-rock,experimental')}
      New Animal Collective album!
    {/case} {case horizon_interest('hip-hop,rap')}
      New Jay-Z album!{/case} {case horizon_interest('jazz')}
      Remastered Miles Davis album!


Returns the raw Personalization Engine tag count for a tag or set of tags. If you want to examine multiple tags, pass them comma-separated; it will return the maximum tag value.

For example, to test if someone has looked at purses more than twice:

 {if horizon_count('purses') > 2} You've looked at purses several times! {/if}

Also see Personalization Engine Common Examples.