Customize What You Export

A frequent and popular request is now a great new feature in Sailthru! You can now request only specific columns in your list exports when downloading user data from my.sailthru.com.

Screen capture of custom list export data

In addition to keeping your export documents clear of excess data, this feature has the additional benefit of reducing the time you wait for your exports to complete. That’s right: faster list exports! Limiting the data needed in the report enables us to restrict the data we access during the job process, which results in a speedier and more efficient job export process.

The feature is live now for all users.

Custom list data exporting is the first of many new features you’ll see this year intended to make your day-to-day use of the Sailthru platform more efficient and expedient. Look for updates on other exciting, new ease-of-use features in the coming weeks and throughout 2016.