Customize templates with Email Composer’s display rules

Email Composer allows marketers to easily create messages with a drag-and-drop interface. Beginning today, you can use Email Compser’s display rules tool to dynamically display images, text and buttons to customers based on their custom profile fields.

  • Display a message exclusively to your platinum loyalty members
  • Give a reminder to subscribers who haven’t registered for a special event
  • Include messaging for customers in a city where you have a physical store

There’s no code to learn! Email Composer’s Display Rule builder lets you quickly set up a dynamic row:



Check out this example animation, where we take the following steps:

  1. Add a new two-column row to the template
  2. Add a text box and an image placeholder to the row columns
  3. Click the row to open its settings panel
  4. Add a display rule for “gender” is “male”


Email Composer Display Rules animation


Display rules are assigned to rows, so you can quickly decide to display or hide large sections of content based on the rules you determine. No need to assign it to each text box, image or button. Add it once to the row, and your good to go.

When you’ve created a rule, you’ll see its summary display whenever you view the row’s settings:

Display Rule Summary


And of course, you can use Email Composer’s preview to test the rules with existing profiles.

Email Composer preview as

Change the email address and watch as the design updates based on that profile’s custom fields!

Look for more Email Composer feature updates coming this summer – expanding your ability to add dynamic content!