Custom field mapping now available for Google Product Sync

Today we released an update to Google Product Sync that allows customers to view how default fields are mapped to Sailthru content fields, and to manage how additional fields are mapped (whether these are mapped to tags, to be used by the custom algorithm, or to custom fields aka “vars”, stored agains the variant object). Being able to manage how fields from your Google Product Feed are mapped to Sailthru content items, means Product Sync can now support more personalization use cases. If your requirements change, you can easily update how your custom fields map to Sailthru content – no code required!

This release includes changes to the Google Product Sync page, when viewing an individual feed (select “Edit” on a feed from the Google Product Sync home screen), making it easier to see how your feed has changed in the last update. You can view how default fields are mapped (along with sample Zephyr code for accessing these fields), along with options to manage the mapping of additional fields.

To learn more about this feature, and managing your Google Product Feed in Sailthru, check out our GetStarted documentation.

Custom content fields for Google Product Feeds