Create customer experiences around key dates with Lifecycle Optimizer’s Calendar Event entry

Use Lifecycle Optimizer’s Calendar Event entries to automatically start customers into flows when a special date or anniversary occurs.

  • Send a series of reminders leading up to a customer’s subscription expiration date
  • Give a greeting when it’s a customer’s birthday
  • Start a countdown series to a wedding date or child’s due date

Calendar Events can look at any customer profile field – allowing marketers to start flows from any date important to their business needs.

Calendar Event Entry

There are two options for Calendar Event entries:

  • Single Date: Match to a specific date, including the year (i.e. wedding countdown)
  • Anniversary: Match to only the Month and Day (i.e. birthday)

Why is this better than Smart Lists & Recurring Campaigns?

Recurring campaigns are a single message with no automatic follow-up mechanism. Creating a birthday flow in LO allows marketers to create a series of actions (or no action) based on the customer’s behavior.

When will my customers start flows?
Similar to Lifecycle Optimizer’s Engagement entries, the entry automatically runs after midnight each day. Matching customers will be put into the flow, where marketers can add a specific time of day to move the customers to the next step, such as receiving an email.

The entry will run for the first time the day after activating it, as long as the flow is activated before midnight in the account’s time zone.

How does the date need to be saved on the profile?

Calendar Event entries work with our documented best practices for storing dates:

  • UNIX timestamp

This includes the format Lifecycle Optimizer uses to set dates in the “Set Custom Field” action.

Calendar Event entries are now available for all accounts. Check out the Lifecycle Optimizer entry menu to get started!