Feature Release: Copy Your Smart Lists

Sailthru’s Smart Lists dynamically update their list of users based on criteria you select in our Audience Builder tool (formerly known as Query Builder).

Whether you’re running snapshots, creating cohorts, or sending messages, there’s great power in Smart Lists’ capabilities. We also know it takes a little effort to get a full list of criteria entered as you make quick lists with similar queries. Today, we’re making that process easier with the launch of a popular feature request.

You can now copy Smart Lists!

Our newest feature allows you to duplicate the criteria of a Smart List to an entirely new Smart List – eliminating the need to re-enter all those query fields. If you love to fine-tune your audience, you’ll immediately have the ability to tweak the list’s criteria in the “Edit Smart List” screen, too!

Copy Smart List

Look for the new “Copy Smart List” icon on the left side of the list activity buttons on the my.sailthru.com Lists page. The feature should be live in your account by March 10. You can read more about this new feature in our Smart List Documentation.

This is another step in a year-long series of improvements we’re making that will improve your day-to-day use of the Sailthru system. We look forward to bringing you more of these incremental workflow enhancements in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!