Consistent deliverability for Lifecycle Optimizer and transactional messages

Beginning March 23, 2017, we will update our IP routing to best accommodate the increased triggered email traffic expected from Lifecycle Optimizer.

Most triggered, or 1-to-1 emails, will be moved into the same IP ranges as mass mail campaigns. By Spam compliance standards, triggered marketing messages are similar in content to mass mail messages. To keep our deliverability consistently strong, the two will now be sent from the same location.

This will not affect transactional messages, provided those templates are appropriately designated as transactional in the Sailthru system.

Sailthru allows marketers to designate specific templates as “transactional” in nature, via our “basic” template functionality. Consistent with SPAM compliance standards, example transactional templates are messages with no marketing purpose, such as purchase receipts, shipping confirmations and password resets. These templates can be sent to users with a matching user opt-out status, “opt out basic,” which means they cannot receive mass mail campaigns but can receive these select transactional templates. This change will now isolate these messages to their own IP ranges.

This will not change or otherwise affect billing counts. If you believe select templates should be considered transactional “basic” messages, please contact Sailthru Support, our Deliverability team, or your Customer Success team representative.