Click Map Reporting for Your Personalized Campaigns

During the next two weeks we will roll out updates to our link service architecture, allowing us to increase the send time of select campaigns and providing you never-before-seen reporting on campaigns with dynamic links! Your click map reporting will now show total click counts for dynamic links, including those used in Horizon-powered campaigns!

This link service is the backbone of our link rewriting technology, which is the virtual turnstile that allows us to provide you data on email clicks. We have rearchitected this functionality for long-term speed, reliability, and scalability, in our continued efforts to deliver your messages as quickly as possible. A handful of volunteer customers are already using the new architecture, and are experiencing 2x increase in send time.


We will complete the remaining client base roll out in 3 waves, starting with a small group of customers on the evening of Friday, July 24. Two remaining waves will be made in subsequent days with timing consideration around general system health, external factors (breaking news), and the performance of the prior migration group. We will post a “Sailcast” notification on your my.sailthru.com dashboard on the day your account will be migrated to the new technology.

In all cases, these changes will be made during off-peak hours when we experience our lowest sending volume. At no point do we expect interruption to any of our services.

Important Implementation Notes:

Please note the following behaviors that will take effect as you are migrated:

  • To ensure efficiency and reliability of the new service, we can no longer modify links in messages that have already sent. You may still pause a campaign and contact Sailthru Support to modify the link for any unsent messages.
  • Uses of the “time()” and “date()” Zephyr functions will always reflect the send time of the email.
  • Uses of the “random()” number generation function should note that the number will be generated once per email message (user/email address) and not re-generated every time the link is clicked.
  • Speed improvements are likely to be noticed by customers who use multiple Zephyr functions inside the link’s “href” value, for instance the “date” or “md5” functions. or concatenations within links to piece together query string parameters or full URL path values.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to this major stability enhancement. We will complete the rollout by August 7th. If you have specific questions, please contact the Customer Success Team, the Support Team.