Lifecycle Optimizer Launches Easy Cart Abandonment Messaging and Push Notifications

Since our late-March launch, we’ve seen brilliant flows exhibiting the power of Lifecycle Optimizer as your hub for triggered message series. Central to the experience is ensuring you can quickly create and modify your series in an easy-to-use interface. To date, we’ve focused a lot on the email aspect of flow entries (starts) and actions, but we’ve always had plans for much, much more!

Now, we’re growing Lifecycle Optimizer’s omnichannel capabilities with the “Abandoned Cart” entry type and “Send Push Notification” action, easily enabling you to:

  • Use follow-up messaging to retarget users who leave your site with items remaining in their shopping cart
  • Reach customers in your flow using Carnival.io by Sailthru push notifications

Beginning Aug. 15, 2017, both features will be available inside Lifecycle Optimizer!

Cart Abandonment

There’s nothing additional to buy – all Sailthru customers can create Lifecycle Optimizer’s abandon cart flows! For properly implemented accounts, it’s super-fast to set up a cart abandonment series! There are only two requirements for Sailthru to begin detecting abandon cart events, and they’re standard features for all Sailthru customers:

  1. Ensure you are using the latest version of the Sailthru on-site script tag.
  2. Use the “purchase” API endpoint or the Sailthru tag’s “add to cart” function to let Sailthru know when a user adds items to a cart.

Sailthru will automatically detect when a user’s on-site session ends, and if items remain in the cart at that time, a Lifecycle Optimizer flow can be activated.

Learn more on our updated docs.

With the one-click “Abandoned Cart” Lifecycle Optimizer entry type, you can quickly leverage this event to lay out your preferred series of follow-up actions. (Update 5/15/2018: You can now access the default Cart and Browse abandonment flows from the Recipes menu inside the builder.) Alongside our recent release of flow entry frequency capping, you can take full control over how often users experience this follow-up method.

Learn more about this powerful new feature in our updated Lifecycle Optimizer documentation.

Send Push Notifications

To use Lifecycle Optimizer’s push notification functionality, make sure your Carnival.io and Sailthru accounts are linked. Your app(s) will automatically appear in the selection menu for the action. Not yet using Carnival.io by Sailthru for your mobile push notifications? Contact your customer success team member to get started!

Already linked up? Go the Lifecycle Optimizer “Action” list and look for “Send Push Notification.” Select your app, write your simple push notification text and you’re on your way! Additional fields (badges, sounds, custom fields) are not yet available, but will be coming soon.

Lifecycle Optimizer Push Notifications


Learn more about Carnival.io by Sailthru, and then check out the new Lifecycle Optimizer Push Notification action in our docs.

Learn more during Sailthru Academy 

Our documentation is up-to-date with the latest changes, and we encourage you to join us at one of two Sailthru Academy release trainings this month:
Lifecycle Optimizer Release Training 1: Mobile & Cart Abandonment
3 -4 p.m. EDT Tuesday, Aug. 29
Lifecycle Optimizer Release Training 1: Mobile & Cart Abandonment
10:30 – 11:30 a.m. EDT Wednesday Aug. 30

We’re excited to bring you these features, and many more Lifecycle Optimizer updates yet to come this summer! Stay tuned.