Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for quick answers to your Sailthru Business Intelligence questions.


When is the expiration date of RA? Retention Analytics will expire at the end of June. All of your custom reports will be built before that date. When can we get an access to Standard / Executive Dashboard? Customers will have access to both the Standard and Executive Dashboards in the next few days. You will receive an email communication from our Sailthru Business Intelligence email once your access is ready. When will device / client info be added for reporting and database breakdown? Campaign Stats by Device datasourse is available (Extract connection). You can find device and client information in one of the legacy standard reports which called * Campaign Device Dashboard* How will I get notified that my custom reports are ready? Once all of your custom reports have been built by our team, we will send you an email communication from our Sailthru Business Intelligence email that they are accessible in the new tool. Can we get a summary of what BI offers that current Retention Analytics reporting doesn't offer? Sailthru BI offers the following features that were not present in Retention Analytics:
  • Data behind each of the numbers and export to look at the data (e.g. who opted out of our emails?)
  • Executive Dashboard
  • List views
  • Calculations
We have existing reports that are regularly emailed to us as a csv file. Will these automated sends be carried over or will we need to set them up again? As the Sailthru team migrates reports, we will also set up the automated sends. Please be sure to check that the distribution list is still accurate once you have access Can we request a new custom report to be added during the Migration process? We have logged your request and will be in touch when our team can begin building your custom report. You can expect us to reach back out in May. How long will we have access to RA? A final date has not yet been set, but it will expire in June. You will receive an email communication about this around that time so that you are prepared.


How long does it take for any given report to load with a large dataset? In any reporting platform, the more data you have, the greater the potential for increased processing time. Therefore, the load times vary. What type of reporting will be available in new BI? Sailthru will provide a set of standard reports that will be accessible to all BI clients. However, the BI tool offers an exciting feature that enables customers to access our datasets, empowering them to create custom reports and segment data in various ways to address their organization's current inquiries. Can we change the KPIs in the Executive Dashboard? Yes, there will a set of KPIs available that can be changed. Is it expected that on the Explore tab, under the New dropdown menu, that Project, Workbook and Flow are all grayed out right now? Yes. Greyed out Projects mean you cannot publish to them. You will be only able to publish to projects assigned to your rollup or to your personal space.


We have lots of email types in our account for multiple products and we use labels to identify these. Can we filter by label in ST BI? Filtering capability is available in the new BI tool as you will have an option to filter by labels, campaigns and lists. Currently the reporting function for KPIs in RA does not let us filter by lists. Will we be able to filter KPIs by specific lists? Yes! You will have the ability to filter the KPIs by lists/labels/campaigns in new BI tool. Can you multi-select KPI fields in the exec dashboard? Yes, you will be able to filter multiple lists by using the filter on the top.

Users and Access

How do I get users added/removed? To add or remove a new user from the tool, it will be necessary for you reach out to our support team by visiting GetStarted, clicking "Contact Support," and we will handle the process on our end. If someone is viewing as a 'view only' account, what do they see? Would they have access to filters that are defined or would that only be for the report editor? They will not be able to create or edit Dashboards, but they will be able to use the filters and download both Executive and Standard Dashboards. I was an Admin in Retention Analytics, but seem to be a Viewer in the new system, how do I get that changed? Kindly contact your Customer Service representative, and we will handle the processing on our end.

Training Materials

When the training materials will be available? All training materials can be found on the Sailthru GetStarted site. By April 7, you will be able to access the first customer ST BI webinar along with technical documentation and short bite-sized demo videos. We will continue to add to this library of training materials.


Are custom measures created in the dashboard shared across all accounts, or account-specific? All data is completely siloed by customer. The Standard and Executive dashboards are templated dashboards shared with every customer, just with their own data displayed. Custom reports/dashboards are custom just to you. Is the data in Business Intelligence in real time? For the initial rollout, data is refreshed once in a day, same as current RA. Why don't my metrics on the Legacy Standard Dashboards align with what is shown in RA? The discrepency is due to the setup of the start of the week. The Legacy Standard Dashboards in BI are set up to reflect a week as Sunday-Saturday. On the open rates, is there a mechanism for removing all the Apple opens as that skews open rates? This is in progress and once this is ready, you will receive more information from the Sailthru team.


Can we export the data to see the user info into a CSV? Yes, you are able to do this in ST BI. What are the export options? And is there a way to automate exports (say, monthly)? You will have the option to export to PowerPoint, PDF, CSV and Image. To receive automated exports, you will need to setup a subscription that will send you an export via PDF or Image to your email at a frequency that works for you. Can you export the datasources directly to csv or excel? Datasource data can be pulled through Sailthru Connect. You do have the option to export specific reports/charts/dashboards in CSV, excel, etc.      

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