Bulk Updating in Audience Builder

Audience Builder’s Bulk Update tool allows you to make the same change to any number of user profiles at once. Below are examples of how Audience Builder’s Bulk Update tool and features are used.

When to Use Bulk Updates

Here are some examples of what you can do via bulk updates in Audience Builder:

  • Add or remove a variable across all users or a segment of users
  • Opt-out all users or a segment of users
1First,next to Action, select Bulk Update.


2Next, if you want to isolate a subset of your, you can fill out the Criteria section as you would normally do for any Audience Builder query.

43 03_04 Audience Builder Query Bulk Update Selected

There is a new section near the bottom of the page for your bulk updates. Select the dropdown menu to see all the Actions you select from.

47 03_03 Bulk Updates Dropdown Menu

3There are four different Actions you can now perform: set variable, unset variable, opt in, and opt out, described below.

Set Variable

Set variable is used to create or update a user variable on User Profiles

48 03_03 Bulk Updates Set Variable

  • Field: the variable to match (case-sensitive)
  • Value: the value that will be assigned

NOTE: Setting a number variable using bulk update in Audience Builder will result in the value of the variable being set as a string. Therefore, it can only be queried using quotations. For example: “1”. To set the variable value as a numeric value, please set the variable instead via list upload or the API.

Please see Setting Variables for details on setting values on your subscribers.

Unset Variable

Unset variable will delete the variable for all the users filtered through the query you submit.

  • Delete a user variable on User Profiles

49 03_03 Bulk Updates Unset Variable

  • Field: the variable to delete (case-sensitive)

Opt Out

Use the opt out action cautiously as all users affected by this bulk update will no longer receive any communication from you going forward.

Set all or a segment of users as “opted out” for all email — both mass mail and transactional templates.

50 03_03 Bulk Updates Opt Out