Audience Builder Overview

With Audience Builder, you can harness a wealth of user data to produce custom segment lists, ad-hoc user reports, and bulk user account updates.

Audience Builder provides efficient ways act on user data, whether you’re a publisher building segments based on reader interests and activity, or a commerce client looking to produce more nuanced segments than RFM (recency-frequency-monetary)¬†deciles.

You can easily filter for any group of users using any data stored across user profiles. There’s no need to know a database language like SQL or cross-reference multiple data sets. User profile data is actionable by using popular preloaded criteria or your own customized queries on stored variable values, whether the data was collected by Sailthru directly or synced from your other systems.

Get Started

On the Audience Builder page in My Sailthru, you can simply:

  1. Select an Action
    • Create a Natural List, Smart List, Snapshot Report, or Bulk Update of user data.
  2. Select any number of Source Lists.
  3. Specify Criteria for which users to include, based on their user profile data.

A few example uses of Audience Builder:

  • Get a Snapshot Report to view analytics for a group of users, for example all who clicked links in multiple messages over the last 15 days.
  • Segment users and generate a new natural list based on your criteria.
  • Create Smart Lists that will perpetually add users who match your criteria.
  • Change variable values on groups of users at a time.
  • Opt out a group of users with a Bulk Update.

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