Transitioning to the New Audience Builder

As of May 24, 2017, the old Audience Builder interface has been removed and all smart lists can only be created or edited in the new Audience Builder.

If you open an existing Smart List that was last saved in the old Audience Builder, for a select few types of criteria, small changes will be made to fit the new filter formats.

  • Any criteria with a “not” in its name will be changed to the matching affirmative filter, with a “not” applied to the filter (as any filter can now be negated in the new Audience Builder).
  • “Total purchase value is at most” and “Total purchase value is at least” will be converted to the new Net Revenue filter, which also takes into account the user’s returns if you submit this data using the Returns API. If you do not submit returns data using the Returns API, the new filter will match the same, unadjusted “total purchase value” as it did before, while still using the new Net Revenue filter.
  • The “has an incomplete purchase” filter will be converted to the new “Date: Purchased, Abandoned” filter with the values “Has an abandoned cart > ever.”
  • The “engagement level is at least” and “engagement level is at most” filters will be converted to the “Engagement Levels” filter’s new format of explicitly selecting which engagement levels are being matched. This will not change the engagement levels that you are matching.

For more information about the new Audience Builder, see our updated documentation: