Transitioning to the New Audience Builder

During the current transition period where both the old and new Audience Builder interfaces are available:

  • Both are accessible from the Users menu.
  • Your Lists page contains an on/off toggle at the top-right, allowing you to determine which interface–old or new–will be accessed when you open an existing smart list to view or edit its criteria.
    • When the toggle is off (switched to the left), all of your smart lists will continue to open in the old Audience Builder, except for any which were created or edited using the new Audience Builder.
    • When the toggle is on (switched to the right), all of your smart lists will open in the new Audience Builder, with their criteria converted to match the new format. In most cases, your filter criteria will behave as it did before, with the exception of a couple Conversion Changes (see below).
    • The toggle was switched ‘on’ for all users on May 9, 2017, but can be switched off by a user, if they prefer to use the old Audience Builder interface to open existing Smart Lists.
    • In late May 2017, the toggle and old Audience Builder interface will be removed, and all smart lists will open in the new Audience Builder.
  • Regardless of the toggle position, any smart list that was edited or created using the new Audience Builder can only be opened in the new Audience Builder, going forward, even if you switch the toggle to off.
  • Conversion Changes: For a select few criteria types, Sailthru will make a change to the criteria when it is opened in the new Audience Builder. Once any updates to the Smart List are saved, these changes cannot be reversed.
    • Any criteria with a “not” in its name will be changed to the matching affirmative filter, with a “not” applied to the filter (as any filter can now be negated in the new Audience Builder).
    • “Total purchase value is at most” and “Total purchase value is at least” will be converted to the new Net Revenue filter, which also takes into account the user’s returns if you submit this data using the Returns API. If you do not submit returns data using the Returns API, the new filter will match the same, unadjusted “total purchase value” as it did before, while still using the new Net Revenue filter.
    • The “has an incomplete purchase” filter will be converted to the new “Date: Purchased, Abandoned” filter with the values “Has an abandoned cart > ever.”
    • The “engagement level is at least” and “engagement level is at most” filters will be converted to the “Engagement Levels” filter’s new format of explicitly selecting which engagement levels are being matched. This will not change the engagement levels that you are matching.

For more information about the new Audience Builder, see our updated documentation: