Audience Builder ‘purchase’ criteria now includes date filtering; Plus, changes to default Smart List editing

We’re happy to announce two important steps in our ongoing Audience Builder project. First, today we are releasing new versions of all of the purchase filters. The new filters combine a date criteria with the preexisting criteria. Specifically:

  • Net Revenue + Date
  • Products, SKUs, Tags + Date
  • Purchase Price, Quantity + Date
  • Custom Order and Item Fields + Date

We’ve also overhauled the date values in these filters in an attempt to make them more consistent and easier to understand. This format will be propagated to all other filters in the coming weeks.

New default behavior for Smart List editing

The second change coming today is that the New/Old Toggle on the List page (formerly called “Beta”) will be defaulted to “New”. This means that all pre-existing Smart Lists will be opened in the new Audience Builder unless the toggle is switched to “Old”. In approximately two weeks the toggle will be removed entirely, along with access to the old Audience Builder. It’s important for us to be able to effectively support and evolve the product, and for you to be using the most current capabilities, that we don’t support multiple iterations of the workflow longer than necessary.