Audience Builder – Primary Lists as multiple source list bug fix

On Wednesday Oct. 4th Sailthru will correct a bug that dropped the “All Primary Lists” option in Audience Builder when using multiple source lists.

  • Primary List is a designation for lists in my.sailthru to receive improved reporting, specifically the ability to track list growth.
  • Audience Builder is Sailthru’s tool for segmenting those users already under your management.

The segments created in Audience Builder use an initial set of users and run a query against them. The initial set of users that you select is often a specific list or simply the set of all users in the system. One variation of the source list is to specify a source of “Multiple Lists”. As a result of this bug, when this option is used and “All Primary Lists” is selected as one of the multiple “lists”, the choice isn’t respected. Only users on the other selected lists are being included in the segment.

This bug would have affected any client’s Snapshots, Smart Lists, List Generates, or Bulk Updates using this configuration. Sailthru accounts with existing Smart Lists that will be affected by the improvement are being reached out to through their Customer Success Manager. As Smart Lists continually update membership, those existing lists will likely increase upon the deployment of this fix.