Audience Builder enhancements for select criteria

Today we are releasing some important improvements to our Audience Builder tool and Smart Lists. This work is being done as part of a larger project to rewrite the Audience Builder UI and enhance its functionality, which should culminate in a large release next month. For now, these are the changes that we have put into production today:

  • Support for Smart Lists in “Is / Is Not Member Of List” criteria – You can now enter the name of a Smart List in the field and have it accounted for as a valid criteria. This has been a frequent feature request and opens up an important and efficient new way to build compound Smart Lists.
  • Support for ID and SKU variables in “Has Purchased” criteria – Currently this criteria will only match the title field. Now you can also match based on ID or the SKU var on content items.
  • “Has Purchased” criteria – this field will no longer be case sensitive.
  • “Has Purchased with Tags” criteria – this field will no longer be case sensitive.
  • “Had Incomplete Purchase” criteria – will no longer match incomplete purchases made in the past 30 minutes. This is being done to conform with industry standards avoid sending cart abandon messages during active shopping sessions.

Please note these changes may result in a one-time change to counts on Smart List using the above criteria. Any adjustment would be reflected in the first use of the list, or the next overnight list count update, whichever comes first. No action is needed on your part.

Look for upcoming communications concerning even more Audience Builder improvements.