API rate limiting thresholds take effect Sept. 6

This is a final, friendly reminder that API rate limiting restrictions take effect Sept. 6, 2016 for all applications accessing Sailthru’s APIs. This is the final step and communication regarding this change that was first announced in April of this year. You can access the per-second thresholds in our documentation.

Customers exceeding or at-risk of exceeding thresholds were initially contacted during March 2016 about their usage patterns. Since the April announcement, we continued to monitor usage and proactively alerted customers who neared or exceeded the limits taking effect Sept. 6. We also analyzed 2015 holiday season API usage and contacted customers for whom limits would have been exceeded in 2015. This usage was also considered in establishing the rate limiting thresholds.

Developers: Best practices stipulate the observance of the rate-limit headers included in all Sailthru API returns. You can read more about limits and Sailthru rate limiting headers in our documentation at getstarted.sailthru.com.

If you have questions, please contact a Customer Success team member or support@sailthru.com.