API Rate Limiting Taking Effect Sept. 6, 2016

Beginning Sept. 6, 2016, applications using the Sailthru APIs will be subject to API rate limiting restrictions matching our existing recommended best practices. This notification serves as a start to a four-month adoption period, which will include two “limit-lowering” milestone events.

In advance of this change, we have surfaced rate limiting headers on the return of all API calls, following a popular API convention used by many SaaS platforms. As the popular nature of this header convention shows, rate limiting is crucial to system health and traffic management. It provides a universally consistent experience for all users, ensuring that no single source can overwhelm system resources. With system performance foremost in mind, we appreciate your cooperation and attention to this change.

Marketers using my.sailthru.com should ensure their development teams are aware of this message. Our teams closely examined API usage for two months during early 2016 to arrive at the appropriate thresholds. This also allowed us to identify usage patterns that would be affected by this change. Accordingly, customers currently exceeding or anywhere near exceeding these upcoming limits were proactively notified in March and April. If you were not notified, your integration should not be affected.

Please note these important details, and visit getstarted.sailthru.com to learn more:

  • The upcoming restrictions (limits) are our current recommended best practice counts.
  • Limits are per Sailthru account, per call and method, per minute. Example: POSTs to our /send endpoint do not count against the use of GETs to the same /send endpoint, nor do they affect the limit of POSTs to any other endpoint.
  • Additional application keys using your account are included in the total count of calls per minute. We will not limit based on key/secret pair.
  • Two (2) “limit-lowering” milestones will take place between now and Sept. 6 upon which the current “unlimited” rate enforcement is first lowered to 2x (double) the upcoming limit and then to 1.5x (one-and-one-half times) the limit. These events will take place 60- and 30-days out from the Sept. 6 date. Announcements and reminders will precede these events.

By May 6, 2016, all of our client libraries will be updated with support for the new rate limiting headers, and developers will note updates to the libraries’ repositories. Developers can learn more about our rate-limiting header parameters and view library function examples through the API Technical Details page at getstarted.sailthru.com.

If you have questions, please reach out to a Customer Success Team member or support@sailthru.com.