Final milestone for API Rate Limiting; Regular limits start Sept. 6

As first announced in April of this year, API rate limiting restrictions matching our current best practices will be enforced across all applications accessing Sailthru, effective Sept. 6, 2016. That announcement also noted two change milestones that gradually lower limiting thresholds, allowing developers time to monitor and adjust application settings.

The second milestone will take place Aug. 18, 2016, when current limits will be lowered to 1.5x the limits taking effect on Sept. 6. The first milestone took place on July 14, where limits were placed at 2x the limits to be enforced in September. The final thresholds are listed here in our documentation.

We previously contacted customers who were exceeding or near-exceeding the limits which take effect in September. Accordingly, this message is informative in nature. We will continue to proactively monitor usage leading up to and following the Sept. 6 change, and contact those who exceed the limits to ensure they are aware. Developers can read more about limits and Sailthru rate limiting headers in our documentation at getstarted.sailthru.com.

If you have questions, please contact a Customer Success team member or support@sailthru.com.