API Documentation Overhauled: What’s New

Tell your developers! We’re happy to announce our overhauled developer documentation, making it easier than ever to integrate with Sailthru.

These improvements impact all API documentation pages, including our overview/technical docs, our many API endpoints, and each pre-written code library that we offer for engaging with the API.


Enhancements include:

  • New examples right up top for each available function or method, with multiple examples organized in tabs to cover each use case. Hundreds of new examples included!
    api example
  • Clear explanations of each API feature, so even non-programmers can learn what’s possible and when to get developers involved.
  • All possible error codes & messages for endpoints, plus clarifying notes, allowing you to plan for all scenarios.
  • Improved navigation
    • streamlined left-nav and URLs
    • in each page, a table of contents and standard structure

Start with our new For Developers Overview at getstarted.sailthru.com/developers and please share this note with your developers.

We’re going to continue to improve the docs based on your feedback. Please send any comments to us at docs@sailthru.com or use the rating system at the bottom of any page, which contains an optional feedback form. We’d love to hear from you.


– The Sailthru Documentation Team