Advanced Analytics Platform Updates

Our Advanced Analytics platform continues to grow! Check out our latest updates below. If you and your team want to seize the power of Advanced Analytics, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information!

New feature: Custom Date Dimensions

Time and dates can be a compelling variable to analyze user behavior, understand commonalities, identify risks and action behaviorally personalized communication streams for every user. Now in Advanced Analytics, you can easily run a myriad of different queries based on 10 custom date dimensions. To get started, you’ll need to have user variables set up in unix epoch or the international date format YYYY-MM-DD in the Sailthru platform.  Once these are live, they can be used as a custom date dimension in Advanced Analytics.

If you’re already set up with custom date variables in Sailthru, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and ask them to upload the variables into the platform so you can start running your analysis in Advanced Analytics. Not set up for custom date variables in Sailthru or want to understand the use cases beetter? No problem! Contact your Customer Success Manager for steps on getting started.

New attributes: Label Name and Label ID

Label Name and Label ID are now live in Advanced Analytics! The labels are a much sought after feature that allows marketers to differentiate campaign types to both isolate campaigns for analysis and comparison, and to combine similar campaigns for aggregate stats. Using labels, it will now be simple to compare stats of your morning email vs. your afternoon email.  Campaign labels also make differentiating campaign types — whether surveys, third-party promos, daily campaigns, etc. — a breeze for all reporting purposes.

In order to tag your campaigns with labels, you will need to go to the Campaigns section of My Sailthru and append your chosen label to individual campaigns. This must be done prior to the campaign being sent, while the campaign is still in the draft state. For more information, see View and Organize Campaigns.

Once you have properly added campaign labels, you can begin to create reports in Advanced Analytics.  If you have any questions surrounding the use of campaign labels or the creation of campaign label reporting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

New attribute: Optout_Reason

You might have seen a new attribute appear in Advanced Analytics called “Optout_Reason”. With this attribute, you’ll easily be able to analyze the number of users who submitted a spam complaint. This can be a very powerful analysis to run, particularly for clients who see an ebbs and flows in their spam complaint rates and want to understand any similarities between those users.

By pairing the “optout_reason” attribute with acquisition source, you can now run analysis to discover patterns on those spam complaint groups and make optimizations to your acquisition channel spends and decisions. You can also run reports that look at average time to submit a spam complaint since opt-in and get even more granular. This attribute is all about uncovering why, when, how and from where users might be opting out from your communications.  Ultimately it will help shape better acquisition strategies while mitigating risk for future user opt-outs and spam complaints.