Ticket Submission Guidelines

When submitting a ticket to Support, there is some key information you can provide that will help us handle your case quickly and more efficiently.


  • In the subject line, please include a descriptive one-line summary of product area and issue.
  • If you are forwarding an email, please edit the subject line for clarity and to relate to the issue.
  • Feel free to include the case priority in the subject (e.g. low, normal, high. Note that "urgent" is reserved for systems critical issues and outages and will trigger a page to our on-call team).
  • Clarification on what qualifies as an urgent case, and how to submit an urgent case outside of business hours can be found here.

Email text or Description

Include the following details so we may more promptly provide an answer:

  • Account name (especially if you have multiple accounts)
  • Product area or the URL of the page in my.sailthru.com
  • What are you experiencing/seeing?
  • What are you expecting to experience/see?
  • Any error messages you encounter (please include the error text and printscreen)
  • Steps taken before encountering the issue
  • Name of specific system feature e.g. campaign ID, template name
  • Relevant URLs e.g. report links, user profiles
  • Any related Support cases (the ID number or subject line)
Consider including this additional information:
  • Priority to your business of solving this case
  • Please let us know if you have a specific deadline OR your ideal timeframe for completion OR if there are external dependencies such as working with a 3rd party timeline
  • Estimated revenue impact, if applicable
  • Impact to your workflow or how you use this feature (or would like to use it and why, if you are submitting a feature request)

Ticket Submission

Submit your ticket through one of the following options:
  • RECOMMENDED: GetStarted - From any page within our GetStarted customer resources, click "contact support" or the question mark in the lower right corner.
  • Online portal
  • Email to support@sailthru.com
  • Call our Helpline: US - 877-812-8689 / UK - 0800-808-5417 / NZ - 64 4887 1789