Create and Manage Support Cases

The Support Team handles technical issues and inquiries. You can view your open cases at any time by logging into the Support portal!

Create a Login

First you’ll need to set up a login by visiting the signup page here and entering your information. Once you submit the form, a verification email will be sent to you. Click the link in the email to set your password.

View Cases on the Portal

If you’ve already signed up:

  1. Visit the portal at and click Sign In.
  2. Under the Client Support menu, click Check Existing Tickets.
  3. You will see a list of Support cases (at this URL). To filter by case status, change the parameter in the Status drop-down.
    Sailthru Manage Support Cases by Status Drop-Down in Zendesk


By default, users will only see Support cases they have created. Alternatively, you can be enabled to view Support cases opened by all users across your company. If you would like to activate this, please contact Support!

Create a New Support Case

Inquiries may be submitted to Support via the portal, by email or phone.

  1. Portal
    Click Create New Ticket to contact Sailthru Support with a new issue. You can bookmark the following URL for creating new tickets:
  2. Email
    Send an email to:
  3. Phone
    USA: 877-812-8689 / UK: 0800-808-5417 / NZ: 64 4887 1789

Information Required when Submitting Support Tickets

In the subject line, please include a descriptive one-line summary of product area and issue. If you are forwarding an email, please edit the subject line for clarity and preface the message with a detailed description of the issue.

Specify the issue priority so that we can understand your business needs.

In the Description field or email body, please supply a detailed description of the issue:

  • If your organization has multiple Sailthru accounts, please specify the account name
  • Specify the functional product area
  • Relevant names or IDs of system objects, e.g. campaign ID, template name, etc.
  • Relevant URLs, e.g. report links, user profiles, content items, etc.
  • What are you experiencing/seeing?
  • What are you expecting to experience/see?
  • Any error messages you encounter (please include text and/or screenshot)
  • Steps taken before encountering the issue
  • Desired resolution timing including context (deadlines, etc.)
  • Statement of impact, such as estimated revenue impact
  • Any related Support cases, including their case number

Note that you can find more helpful tips about Support including:

  • Support Business Hours
  • How to Submit an Urgent Case Outside of Business Hours
  • and more

on the Support Portal!