Ability to specify list of “material events” in Data Exporter “daily update” exports

In preparation for upcoming product enhancements, all existing Data Exporter clients will begin having up to four new fields included per profile:
  • bounce_time – last time a profile bounced
  • bounce_message – the bounce message from when the profile bounced
  • bounce_status – the profile’s current bounce status (null means not bounced)
  • var_time – the last time a profile’s var was changed
These changes will begin showing in Data Exporter files created Nov. 1, 2018 and onward.
We are also announcing optional features you can enable to further control what is exported:
Currently, the Sailthru Data Exporter can provide clients with a daily “update” export of profiles that have experienced a “material event” since midnight (Eastern Time) of the previous day. This allows clients to, on a daily basis, keep track of which profiles have changed and update their respective systems. The current list of material events are: opens, clicks, pageviews, logins, purchases, natural list membership changes, and optouts. If any material event occurs, that profile will be included in the daily update export.
We are enhancing this functionality in two ways. The first is increased flexibility. Clients will now be able to pick and match which sets of material events they care about. For example, one client may only care about list membership changes and optouts, while another may only care about pageviews and purchases. Another may care about all material events.
In addition, we are adding additional, optional material events — “bounce status change” and “var set”. Clients will be able to have profiles included in the daily export if its bounce status changes, or a var has been set or changed. Note that setting a var to the same value (say, from “gold” to “gold”) still qualifies as a var set, and will result in the profile included in the export.
Please note that, to maintain backwards compatibility, there will be no change to the existing list of material changes for existing clients. To change the list of material events, such as any of these new material events, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
Learn more about Data Exporter in our documentation.