Data Feeds Overview

Use feeds to power your email or website with dynamic, personalized, and customizable content.


Data feeds supply content for all your communication channels, including email and on the web. Below are descriptions of the different feed types, which should contain your product or content URLs:

  • Content Feeds – Feeds supplied by Sailthru’s Horizon product, which gathers users’ interests based on website activity
  • URL Data Feeds – Feeds that you provide, which may be generated by your content management system. It is recommended that you add these to your Feeds page so that Sailthru can cache them and make them easy to access within your template or campaign. (JSON format is recommended.)
  • Merged Feeds – Feeds that contain multiple Content and/or URL data feeds, which Sailthru merges for you into a single feed. Templates only allow you to attach a single feed, so you can use Merged Feeds to include content from more than one.

Zephyr makes it easy to pull a feed into an email or onsite template. Using the Recommendations Manager, you can first edit a feed’s content and sequence to customize a campaign, or allow Zephyr to personalize the feed selections and sequence based on each user’s individual preferences.