Wordpress plugin

The WordPress widget for Sailthru API can be installed from inside Wordpress by visiting the Plugins section. Or visit this link to install:  http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/sailthru-widget


  1. In the Plugins section of Wordpress, search for "sailthru." 
  2. Click "Install."
  3. Settings (in left hand menu)  >  click Sailthru 
  4. At the top of the new page, click on General Options
  5. In another tab, open up My.Sailthru > Account tab > Settings. Copy API key/secret after clicking on the gold lock to reveal them.
  6. Back in WordPress, paste in the key/secret, and Horizon CNAME (horizon.clientdomain.com)
  7. To use the "Send Welcome Email" option, which will automatically send a welcome transactional email when a subscriber signs up, you must first create a template in Sailthru.
  • a) From the Templates page in My.Sailthru, click "Create New."
  • b) Set Type as Email Message and click "Create Template" to save. 
  • c) In the Basics tab of the template editor, put {subject} in the Subject field. 
  • d) In the Code tab, put {body} in the html field. 
  • e) Fill out the remaining fields of the template, then click "Save."  
  1. Click Save Changes in Wordpress


Create a Form to Signup Users

  1. From Settings > SailthruClick, click on the link to the Edit Forms section. 
  2. Check off the checkboxes of the lists that subscribers will be able to subscribe to. These lists must be first created in my.sailthru. For instructions on how to create Sailthru lists, please click here
  3. Edit the form, adding CSS as desired. 
  4. Click to save.  
  5. Copy the code that appears, and paste it into your blog page. 


Send an Email Campaign

Fill out the fields above. 

  • Load From Template: You may build from a template by selecting it from the dropdown and clicking "Load." The template must first be created in my.sailthru. For instructions on how to create templates, please click here
  • From Email: You must first add a verified email in my.sailthru. First, click into any template or campaign in my.sailthru, and in the Basics tab, click the link to add a verified email. Once you receive the email, click the link to verify.
  • Schedule Time: The date and time must be in RFC or ISO format. For example: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 13:19:21 -04:00 or 2013-04-26T13:19:21-04:00. 


Please also see Using Sailthru Data Feeds with Wordpress.